Multiple Choice App Brings the Power of Technology

Multiple Choice App Brings the Power of Technology

Published on: 26-05-2015 | by Misty in Multiple Choice App, Multiple Choice App iPad, Apps for Multiple Choice, Multiple Choice App iPhone, Paperless, Smart Forms, Paperless Forms, Mobile Forms

If you own a business, small or big, you would love to know a very powerful app that can practically run your business – the Multiple Choice App. It is a very useful tool to make everything in your organization more efficient and all your operation processes perfectly compliant. It brings a paperless solution that enables workflow checks and real-time reporting in your company. Make sure you harness this Multiple Choice App iPad and watch everything get more productive.

Save more resources such as paper documents, time, effort, money and other resources with Apps for Multiple Choice. It uses smart forms to collect data as it moves from one section in your organization to another. They have fields ready to fill out in each section, such as dropdowns and checklists. The people in each section can deal with the fields pertinent to them and skip those that are not.

Begin With the Smart Forms

The use of smart forms is one of the amazing features of the Multiple Choice First, the paperless forms are designed to complement with your current system. Second, they are fully integrated with features that make it possible to trigger actions when they change status according to user inputs. Statuses can have work processes attached to them during the setup.

For example, they trigger notifications or emails, which are directly sent to the concerned personnel. When the mobile forms are completely filled up, your field agents submit them. The forms do not yield to submission when required fields are skipped. When submission is successful, they trigger the generation of some reports for various recipients according to a set schedule.

Technology in Action

Multiple Choice App is technology in action. It has the superb functionalities that you dream of having in your organization to make everything work out smoothly. This Multiple Choice App iPhone is aimed to be of big help to all types of businesses worldwide. It makes use of the power of the Cloud, the mobility of smartphones and the capability of apps. Its amazing features include voice recording, photo management, drawing, GPS tracking, barcode reading, copy from (to copy previous answers), time stamp, real-time management and look up (where it refers to saved information and put it on the form fields).

Features include job creator dispatcher, job monitoring, drawings, diagrams, catalogue, report generator, in form calculators, bar code reader, overlay drawing and a lot more.

Making use of technology for business is one of the most effective ways to deliver more convenience, efficiency and productivity. Your clients and staff will likely appreciate it. This Multiple Choice App will make your company more organized, systematic and automated and bring your business to the next level. Take our tour today!

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