Why Risk Management Android Works Well with Mobile Forms

Why Risk Management Android Works Well with Mobile Forms

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Manage business risks with the Risk Management Android app, which works with mobile forms to collect complete data in real time and have the information available in the system for easy access, viewing, and analysis. The app, which also runs with iOS, Windows Phone, and desktop-based platforms, provides solutions to predictable obstacles before they get worse to keep processes run smoothly and effectively.

The integration of digital tools enables you to track the performance of your mobile workforce and assign tasks from A to Z through any Android device. It makes digital forms and paperless reports available all the time with or without Internet access. The Risk Management App helps manage risk assessment, audits, inspections, safety checklists, incident reports, raw materials usage, quality assurance checks, and a whole lot more. The dedicated resources E-library saves the latest document to make it available for users. This includes safe work statements, promotional literature, company policies, and other standards. Standard reports are present, as well as the option to build customized ones to suit your specific needs.

The Application of Smart Forms

The use of paperless forms, which are powerful resource-saving digital tools, is the advent of many business and environmental benefits. There are over 20 electronic forms to make documents and reporting without the use of paper – and it is just the beginning. Management receives instant notification of forms submitted and appearance of new sections, which may need their action and comment before they are returned to the user.

With Risk Management Solution, people in the organization can sign forms from their Android device, or perform calculations for inventory and invoices; barcode scan product detail; capture, tag, save, and submit photos; add drawings; include date and time stamps automatically; validate forms; use voice recording if you do not have the time to type; and know user locations through the integrated GPS tracking feature.

Automated Events, Data Retrieval, and Reporting

Risk Management App.com has automated events that change the status of forms along the way, with form sections appearing or disappearing as the form travels through the system with automated communication per status change. No more retyping mistakes or repeat jobs as the Risk Management Software delivers fast navigation, which allows fixed responses and flexible options.

Integrated into the smart forms are lookup tables and databases for accuracy and fast processing. Data retrieval is easy since collected data are saved in the cloud. Job management is convenient as you have full control of what your mobile workforce is doing.

The catalogue feature of the Risk Management Android provides a ‘look up’ feature so that an input data can pull out product pricing, images, and other information and integrate them into the paperless forms. The system automatically generates scheduled reports to various recipients. Reports can also be in HTML formats.

Imagine how much resources your company can save with a system that works well with smart forms, such as Risk Management Android. Take the tour today!

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